TheraIndx Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd.

Incorporated in 2014, TheraIndx offers partially or fully integrated drug discovery services across a wide spectrum, covering hit identification, hit to lead, lead optimization and preclinical development. Our multidisciplinary expertise spans across In Vitro ADMET, In Vivo pharmacokinetics, assay development & screening , PK/PD modelling and simulation, In Vivo pharmacology specialising in advanced animal models with biomarkers, toxicology, microbiology, molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, histopathology, synthetic & medicinal chemistry and computational chemistry.

We are one of the fastest growing preclinical CROs in India, catering to a clientele spanning across 5 continents. We meet the requirements of pharmaceutical, medical devices, biotechnology, agrochemicals, consumer goods, cosmeceutical, nutraceuticals and dermatological industries.

We take pride in our passion and capabilities to deliver world class preclinical research.

Team TheraIndx

Team TheraIndx brings in decades of scientific, management, finance and business development expertise. The senior management team comprises of scientists with global exposure in Fortune 500 companies; technocrats with entrepreneurial success; drug developers with molecules translated from bench to bedside; biologists, chemists & pharmacologists with competence and acumen par excellence. The common string that binds all of us is the passion & zeal to excel. We, at TheraIndx, love breaking frontiers.

Sundaresh Babu

Founder and CEO

Dr. Dhanalakshmi Sivanandhan

Chief Scientific Officer

Mahesh B N


Saroj Kumar Singh

Chief Business Officer

Dr. Sachin Madan

Director Medicinal Chemistry

Randhir Yedle

Associate Director


Associate Director

Mahesh Kumar R S

Associate Director

Ramesh P

Associate Director

Vision & Mission

To Be The Preferred Research Partner In Life Sciences R&D

Service Models

TheraIndx offers their entire range of discovery services either as modular or stand-alone projects, or as Integrated Programs. Our discovery biology And chemistry capabilities cater to both these models. We also customise our offerings based on your research requirements.

Fee For Service (FFS)
Full Time Equivalent (FTE)
Customised Model

Data Security

TheraIndx Follows International Practices Of IP Protection And Data Confidentiality. We At TheraIndx Review All Process Periodically For Data Protection.

Animal Use

We are committed to human care of animals used in research. All animal studies are done as per CPCSEA, IAEC/IACUC & OLAW guidelines

Code Of Conduct For The Use Of Animals For Scientific Purposes

TheraIndx Is Committed To Comply With Currently Applicable Scientific, Legal, Regulatory, And Ethical Requirements, Guidelines And Policies To Ensure Animal Welfare. Studies Are Carried Out By Individuals Who Are (A) Trained And Qualified In Science And In The Proper Care, Handling And Use Of Animals And (B) Experienced With The Species Being Studied.

TheraIndx Is Committed To The 3R Principles (Reduce, Refine, And Replace) And Shall Actively Pursue Their Promotion.

TheraIndx Ensures That Animals Are Treated Humanely And Cared For In Accordance With The Particular Needs Of The Given Species (E.G. Group Housing, Environmental Enrichment) As Defined By Current Veterinary Care And Practice Guidelines For Animals In Experiments.

TheraIndx Is Committed To Taking All Necessary Measures, In Accordance With Current Veterinary Practices, To Ensure That Animals Experience The Minimum Amount Of Discomfort, Distress And/Or Pain. Appropriate Methods For Sedation, Analgesia Or Anaesthesia Are To Be Utilised Whenever Possible.

TheraIndx Is Committed To Ordering And Using Only Animals That Are Specifically Bred For Research Purposes, Either By Its Own Breeding Units, Or By Certified Breeders.

Particular Care And Attention Shall Be Devoted To The Transport Of Animals For Experimental Use. Appropriate And Adequate Devices / Facilities For Transport Must Be Provided In Accordance With Currently Applicable Guidelines And Legal Requirements.

The Animals Selected For An Experiment Should Be Of An Appropriate Species And Quality, And Only The Minimum Number Required To Obtain Scientifically Valid Results Should Be Used.

Deviations From Stipulated Principles And Requirements Must Be Justified And Documented.

The Best Possible Living Conditions And Supervision Should Be Maintained For Animals Held In Captivity For Scientific Purposes.

Investigators Should Assume That Procedures That Would Cause Pain In Human Beings Could Cause Pain In Other Animals With Developed Nervous Systems.


Industries We Serve

We cater to the pre-clinical requirements of a variety of industry sectors including pharmaceutical, anti-infective, medical devices, biotechnology, agrochemicals, consumer goods, cosmeceutical, nutraceuticals and dermatological companies offering discovery biology and discovery chemistry services. All our offerings can be tailored to suit the needs of our clients. Our diversified capabilities and quality have delighted our customers, as defined by a growing list of clientele, patrons and partners who engage with us for long term relationships.

Medical Devices
Clinical Research Organization

Why TheraIndx?

At TheraIndx, we value research. At the heart of our business lies our strength in consulting.

We understand the challenges faced by a drug discovery team. We, therefore, take utmost care to consult, hand hold & suggest the best possible way to achieve optimal results.

Here are some of our key strengths:

Extensive knowledge & experience in drug discovery

Capability to deliver projects of any size & on time

Deliver high quality preclinical candidate

Broad therapeutic area expertise including infection, oncology, metabolic disorder, inflammation & pain, dermatology, neurology, wound healing, auto immune disorder, kidney injury, ulcer, alopecia.

Interpretation of biological data

Optimization of ADME, PK and PK/PD profiles

Capability to execute patenting strategies

Consulting approach - strategic importance to every client

Flexible approach based on client’s requirement

Project management expertise

Assured IP protection & data security

Cost effective solutions

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