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Theraindx Chemistry Services

TheraIndx offers Integrated discovery chemistry services, including computational, medicinal and synthetic chemistry, helping clients to fast tract their IND submission.

Computational Chemistry

TheraIndx is a leading provider of computational chemistry services combining computational chemistry expertise with extensive database, TheraIndx offers a valuable resource for drug discovery research. TheraIndx assists in accelerating the drug discovery pipeline, optimizing lead compounds, and providing insights into the behaviour and properties of molecules and materials. Whether it's exploring new chemical entities or refining existing compounds, TheraIndx computational chemistry services can contribute to the advancement of pharmaceutical research and development.

TheraIndx excels in structure-activity relationship (SAR) studies. SAR involves analysing the relationship between the structure of a molecule and its biological activity or property. By leveraging molecular docking studies, TheraIndx can assess how molecules interact with target proteins or other biomolecules, helping to elucidate the mechanisms of action and predict the binding affinity of potential drug candidates.

Medicinal Chemistry

TheraIndx’s Medicinal Chemistry Services, specializing in the Hit-to-Lead and Lead Optimization phases of drug discovery. Our dedicated team actively participates in the design and synthesis of novel molecules, leveraging SAR ideas and target information to accelerate the drug discovery process. With our expertise in computational chemistry and a commitment to high-quality synthesis, we strive to provide efficient and effective solutions for your medicinal chemistry needs.

SAR Idea Generation

Our team utilizes the available target information and SAR data to generate innovative ideas for lead compounds. By understanding the structure-activity relationships, we help you identify promising molecular scaffolds and design molecules with desired pharmacological properties.

Fast-track Hit-to-Lead Synthesis

We take the lead in synthesizing fully characterized novel molecules to reach the Hit-to-Lead stage swiftly. Leveraging our expertise in synthetic chemistry and an extensive knowledge base, we employ single or multistep synthesis strategies to generate compounds efficiently without compromising on quality.

Lead Optimization

Building upon the initial hit compounds, we actively engage in lead optimization efforts. By employing SAR-driven approaches and utilizing computational modeling tools, we design analogs and derivatives with improved potency, selectivity, and pharmacokinetic properties. Our goal is to help you progress towards developing optimized lead candidates for further development.

Comprehensive Characterization

Ensuring the highest quality of synthesized compounds is paramount. We employ state-of-the-art analytical techniques to fully characterize the novel molecules, providing you with detailed information on their chemical structure, purity, and physicochemical properties.

Accelerated Hit-to-Lead Phase

Our fast-track synthesis strategies enable rapid progression from hit identification to lead compound generation, saving valuable time in the drug discovery process.

SAR-Driven Design

By actively considering SAR ideas and leveraging computational modelling, we aid in the rational design of lead compounds, increasing the likelihood of success in subsequent optimization steps.

High-Quality Synthesis

We prioritize the synthesis of fully characterized and high-quality compounds, ensuring reliability and reproducibility in your research.

Focused Library Synthesis

Our team specializes in designing and synthesizing targeted libraries of compounds tailored to address specific therapeutic areas or biological targets. With our expertise in medicinal chemistry and a commitment to high-quality synthesis, we offer a comprehensive solution to accelerate your drug discovery efforts.

Customized Library Design

We collaborate closely with you to understand your project requirements, therapeutic targets, and desired compound properties. Based on this information, our team utilizes advanced computational techniques and database mining to design focused libraries that maximize the chances of identifying hit compounds with desired biological activities.

Rational Scaffold Selection

Drawing upon our extensive knowledge in medicinal chemistry, we employ a rational approach to select diverse and drug-like scaffolds for library synthesis. Our goal is to provide a well-balanced collection of compounds that cover a wide chemical space while maintaining favourable physicochemical and pharmacological properties.

Efficient and Scalable Synthesis

Leveraging our expertise in synthetic chemistry, we develop efficient and scalable synthetic routes for library synthesis. We employ modern synthetic methodologies, automation, and parallel synthesis techniques to ensure timely delivery of the desired compounds.

High-Quality Compound Production

We prioritize the synthesis of high-quality compounds. Our team rigorously characterizes each synthesized compound using advanced analytical techniques to ensure their structural integrity, purity, and consistency. This comprehensive characterization data is provided to support your research and decision-making process.

Building blocks

Our team specializes in providing a diverse and high-quality collection of building blocks for medicinal chemistry research. With our comprehensive selection of compounds, we aim to facilitate and accelerate your drug discovery efforts by offering essential molecular components for synthesis and lead optimization.

Extensive Building Block Collection

We offer a vast catalogue of diverse and validated building blocks carefully curated for medicinal chemistry applications. Our collection includes a wide range of functional groups, core structures, and scaffolds to suit various synthetic needs.

Custom Building Block Synthesis

In addition to our extensive catalogue, we understand that specific projects may require unique or specialized building blocks. Our team is adept at synthesis and providing custom building blocks tailored to your project requirements, enabling you to access the necessary molecular components for your research.

Synthetic chemistry

Synthetic chemistry lies at the heart of TheraIndx's pioneering drug discovery efforts. By harnessing innovative synthetic methods and strategies, our team unlocks the potential of diverse chemical space, optimizes lead compounds, and accelerates the development of life-changing therapeutics. Through integration with cutting-edge technologies and interdisciplinary collaboration, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of drug discovery, transforming patient care, and addressing unmet medical needs.

Through innovative synthetic methodologies, our team creates unique compounds that hold the potential for breakthrough therapeutic applications.

Advanced Multi-step Synthesis: Our synthetic chemists are well-versed in designing efficient and practical multi-step synthetic routes to synthesize complex molecules. By employing state-of-the-art techniques, such as retrosynthetic analysis and cascade reactions, we streamline the synthesis process, ensuring the rapid access to target compounds.

Diversity-Oriented Synthesis (DOS): TheraIndx embraces the power of DOS to expand the chemical space for drug discovery. Through the utilization of diverse building blocks and innovative reaction methodologies, we create structurally diverse compound libraries, increasing the likelihood of identifying novel therapeutics.

Combinatorial Chemistry: At TheraIndx, we leverage combinatorial chemistry to generate extensive compound libraries. By combining different building blocks and reaction conditions, we accelerate the screening process, allowing for the identification of potential drug candidates with diverse biological activities.

Analytical Chemistry: TheraIndx's synthetic chemists collaborate closely with analytical chemists to develop robust methods for compound purification, characterization, and analysis. By ensuring the purity and quality of synthesized compounds, we enhance the reliability of our research and support the elucidation of structure-activity relationships.

Process development and scale-up capabilities

Process development and scale-up are vital components of the drug development journey at TheraIndx. With a strong focus on delivering safe and effective therapeutics, our dedicated team of experts harnesses their scientific knowledge and technical prowess to optimize drug manufacturing processes. This note highlights the significance of process development and scale-up at TheraIndx and showcases our commitment to ensuring efficient and high-quality drug development.

Safety and Efficacy

TheraIndx places the utmost importance on developing robust and safe manufacturing processes. Our process development experts meticulously design and optimize production methods to ensure the highest levels of quality, purity, and efficacy for our drug candidates.

Cost Efficiency

Process development aims to streamline and optimize manufacturing processes, ensuring cost-effective production without compromising product quality. TheraIndx's team of experts focuses on enhancing process efficiency, reducing waste, and optimizing resource utilization to drive cost savings.

Quality by Design (QbD)

TheraIndx embraces the principles of QbD throughout the process development phase. Our team identifies critical process parameters and attributes, conducts risk assessments, and designs robust control strategies to consistently deliver high-quality products.

Scale-Up Strategies

TheraIndx's process development team meticulously plans and strategizes the scale-up process, considering factors such as equipment selection, process transfer, and validation requirements. Thorough planning ensures a seamless transition from laboratory-scale to commercial-scale production.

Impurities and Metabolites

At TheraIndx, we prioritize patient safety and product efficacy throughout the drug development and manufacturing process. Understanding and managing impurities and metabolites is a crucial aspect of ensuring the quality and safety of therapeutics.

Identification and Quantification

TheraIndx employs advanced analytical techniques to identify and quantify impurities present in drug substances and drug products. Through extensive characterization, we ensure the accurate detection and measurement of impurities, including process-related impurities, degradation products, and residual solvents.

Metabolite Identification

TheraIndx employs state-of-the-art techniques to identify and characterize metabolites formed during drug metabolism. Through in vitro and in vivo studies, we elucidate the metabolic pathways and profiles of drug candidates, providing critical insights into their safety, pharmacokinetics, and potential drug-drug interactions.